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Vasilis Dakos

Vasilis Dakos was born in 1977 in Greece. After completing his Bachelor studies in Biology in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, he moved to the Netherlands where he received a Master’s degree in Aquatic Ecology in Wageningen University as a fellow of Bodossakis Foundation. In 2011 he obtained his PhD in theoretical ecology under the supervision of Marten Scheffer and Egbert van Nes at the Department of Aquatic Ecology in Wageningen University, where he continued for one extra year as a postdoc. For 3 years he worked as a postdoc fellow in the Estación Biológica de Doñana in Sevilla, Spain at the lab of Jordi Bascompte. Since August 2015, Vasilis moved to Switzerland to work on a postdoctoral program on Adaptation to a Changing Environment in ETH Zurich.

Vasilis’ research focuses on ecological stability, tipping points, and how eco-evolutionary feedbacks may affect ecosystem resilience under global change. He has been collaborating among others with Steve Carpenter, Tim Lenton, Jef Huisman, George Sugihara, Max Rietkerk, and Tony Ives. He has been a Young Scholar member in the Resilience Alliance (RAYS) and he was a recipient of the Dutch Science Academy grant for participating in IIASA’s Young Scientist Summer Program in Vienna. He has also been awarded a Dutch Rubicon postgraduate grant and a IntraEuropean Marie Curie fellowship for his postdoctoral studies.

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