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KNAW Colloquium and Masterclass successfully completed!

The colloquium and masterclass we organised last week in Amsterdam was received with great enthousiasm from all participants. During the first two days, our 28 international and Dutch guests ranging from ecology, to epidemiology, climate, finance, and medicine, were engaged in fruitful discussions on identifying new opportunities for studying critical transitions in social systems, medicine, and epidemics. The brainstorming sessions have helped to develop part of the research agenda of SparcS and soon will be available on this webpage.

The third day, during the masterclass, we had the chance to host 31 participants of 11 nationalities, 20 different institutions, ranging from phd to professors. Our four guest instructors did a great job in introducing the topic of early-warnings to a crowd of doctors, ecologists, social scientists, physicists and economists. 

find (and see) more on the colloquium here 

21 Oct 2012

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