SparcS Center


Two PhD-positions on Analysis of Resilience and Critical Transition


Systems ranging from the brain and society to ecosystems and the climate can have tipping points where even minor perturbations can invoke a critical transition to a contrasting state. Mathematical theory suggests that the vicinity of a tipping point for such transitions may be inferred from generic features of fluctuations and spatial patterns. The PhD positions we offer will elaborate this exciting new idea further, and search for ways to detect such early warning signals in data.

The work will be done in close collaboration with our highly interdisciplinary community of collaborators including mathematicians, climate scientists, medical specialists, social scientists and ecologists (Sparcs, The positions are part of an EU Innovative Training Network on critical transitions (CRITICS ITN) that involves training and exchange programs of PhDs between partners in the EU. You will get a temporary position of 4 years at Wageningen UR ( supervised by Egbert van Nes and Marten Scheffer.
If you are interested, please apply before 20 August 2015.
Note that due to EU regulations, only candidates that did not live longer than 12 months in The Netherlands since September 2012 are eligible.
08 Jul 2015

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