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Hothouse earth paper ranked #4 in Altmetric top 100 2018

Our paper about "trajectories of the Earth System" (Steffen et al. 2018) was listed on the 4th place of the Altmetric top 100 of all scholary articles from 2018. That means that it is discussed exceptionally often in social media and news outlets. For more information about this list see:


Steffen, W., J. Rockström, K. Richardson, T. M. Lenton, C. Folke, D. Liverman, C. P. Summerhayes, A. D. Barnosky, S. E. Cornell, M. Crucifix, J. F. Donges, I. Fetzer, S. J. Lade, M. Scheffer, R. Winkelmann, and H. J. Schellnhuber. 2018. Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115:8252-8259.

The paper is open access:


03 Jan 2019

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