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Inequality in nature and society

Scheffer, M., van Bavel, B., van de Leemput, I.A. & van Nes, E.H. (2017)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in press [Full text]

From scientific speculation to effective adaptive management: A case study of the role of social marketing in promoting novel restoration strategies for degraded dry lands

Westley, F., Holmgren, M. & Scheffer, M. (2010)

Ecology and Society 15 (3) [Full text]

Resilience: Accounting for the noncomputable

Carpenter, S.R., Folke, C., Scheffer, M. & Westley, F. (2009)

Ecology and Society 14 (1) [Full text]

The evolutionary basis of rigidity: locks in cells, minds, and society

Scheffer, M. & Westley, F.R. (2007)

Ecology and Society 12 (2):36 [Full text]

Slow response of societies to new problems: Causes and costs

Scheffer, M., Westley, F. & Brock, W. (2003)

Ecosystems 6 (5):493-502 [Full text]

Socioeconomic mechanisms preventing optimum use of ecosystem services: an interdisciplinary theoretical analysis

Scheffer, M., Brock, W. & Westley, F. (2000)

Ecosystems 3 (5):451-471 [Full text]