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Selected publications

Inequality in nature and society

Scheffer, M., van Bavel, B., van de Leemput, I.A. & van Nes, E.H. (2017)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (50):13154-13157 [Full text]

Complexity theory and financial regulation: Economic policy needs interdisciplinary network analysis and behavioral modeling

Battiston, S., Farmer, J.D., Flache, A., Garlaschelli, D., Haldane, A.G., Heesterbeek, H., Hommes, C., Jaeger, C., May, R. & Scheffer, M. (2016)

Science 351 (6275):818-819 [Full text]

Anticipating critical transitions

Scheffer, M., Carpenter, S.R., Lenton, T.M., Bascompte, J., Brock, W., Dakos, V., van de Koppel, J., van de Leemput, I.A., Levin, S.A., van Nes, E.H., Pascual, M. & Vandermeer, J. (2012)

Science 338 (6105):344-348 [Full text]

Methods for detecting early warnings of critical transitions in time series illustrated using simulated ecological data

Dakos, V., Carpenter, S.R., Brock, W.A., Ellison, A.M., Guttal, V., Ives, A.R., Kéfi, S., Livina, V., Seekell, D.A., van Nes, E.H. & Scheffer, M. (2012)

PLoS ONE 7 (7):e41010 [Full text]

Recovery rates reflect distance to a tipping point in a living system

Veraart, A.J., Faassen, E.J., Dakos, V., van Nes, E.H., Lürling, M. & Scheffer, M. (2012)

Nature 481:357-359 [Full text]

Global resilience of tropical forest and savanna to critical transitions

Hirota, M., Holmgren, M., Van Nes, E.H. & Scheffer, M. (2011)

Science 334 (6053):232-235 [Full text]

Early-warning signals for critical transitions

Scheffer, M., Bascompte, J., Brock, W.A., Brovkin, V., Carpenter, S.R., Dakos, V., Held, H., van Nes, E.H., Rietkerk, M. & Sugihara, G. (2009)

Nature 461 (7260):53-59 [Full text]